1678 3rd Avenue New York, NY 10128 8AM - 11PM 2128311800

TheStory of Barking Dog

The journey started in 1992 by an emigrant that had just arrived from Europe. Without any experience or even any kind of real plan he decided to open a restaurant. His mission was simple – create a place where people and their Dogs would feel like home.

Today in our canine-themed luncheonette, even Fido can tag along for family brunch. Although pups aren’t allowed inside, they can munch on doggie treats and wait for a tasty morsel of human food to drop from your family’s patio table.

With such a hearty array of pancakes, waffles, omelettes, frittatas and wraps, there might even be enough leftovers for a doggie bag.

Located on the corner of 3rd Avenue and 94th Street, the famous Barking Dog serves modest breakfast, lunch and dinner fare in a dog-friendly atmosphere that caters to the family canine.

Featuring a simple kids menu for the little ones, and a water fountain outside for the dog.

Our menu is family-friendly for everyone to enjoy – including the dog.

Famous for our inexpensive and delicious brunch menu, the Barking Dog features a outside sitting where your dog can get some action with other furry friends while you enjoy our tasty cafe-style fare.

Attention: Sunday brunch lines at the Barking Dog often stretch around the corner, which says something about the quality of our luncheonette.